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Pastor Greg Woodall has served as the lead Pastor of Florence First for the past 29 years!


If there is one word that describes Pastor Greg Woodall it is "LOVE!"  He genuinely loves people and wants to see them reach their fullest potential in Christ. He and his wife Dawn have 4 children and 1 grandson. Together they bring a fresh voice with an uncompromised message to this generation.  Dawn also travels and shares her testimony of God's faithfulness during a tragedy in her life.  Her desire is that the church is equipped to hear God speak. 


Pastor Greg attended Northwest and Berean School of the Bible. In addition to pastoring, Pastor Greg is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician.  His songs have been recorded and released by a variety of artists. He has also written and directs North Alabama's largest Passion Play that has won tens of thousands of people to Jesus Christ!

Pastor Matthew.JPG


Youth Pastor

Matthew and his wife, Heather, joined the FFA team in March 2018.


God has blessed their marriage with three sons, Harrison, Asher, and Jonathan. They have served as Student Pastors since 2006. Matthew and Heather met in 2005 while both were attending Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Not long after getting married, Matthew & Heather moved to Mobile, Alabama, to serve at the church he grew up attending. They served there as Student Pastors for nearly 10 years before transitioning to FFA. They strongly believe in Generation Z, and that God has marked this generation for revival. Through prayer, missions, and discipleship, Matthew and Heather believes this Generation Z will have global impacts for Christ.

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