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Continuum of Care from Injury to Recovery.

A client-driven company with the focus on Integrity, Professionalism, and Commitment to Excellence.

What We Do

D&D Total Health Solutions delivers the highest quality healthcare management to reduce claim costs, maximize outcomes, and facilitate timely return to work.

We do this with innovative ideas, synergistic, and comprehensive care programs, attention to detail, and experience.

We provide employers, TPSs and insurance companies with D&D’s unique, comprehensive services, to return injured
workers to pre-injury status an soon as possible, reducing claim costs and creating good outcomes for all parties.

R -Reduced Claims Cost
E - Early return to Work
S - Synergistic Continuity of Care
U - Unparalleled Commitment
L - Liaison/Third Party Intermediary
T - Total Dedication to Quality
S - Satisfied Clients

What We Do

How It Works

Our job is to medically coordinate the most effective treatment plan for injured workers.

You may choose to individually utilize any one outstanding service or utilize all three services to ensure the most efficient outcomes.

Starting with 24/7 Occupational Triage workers receive immediate medical attention as injuries are triaged to the appropriate level of care.

If Triage is not self-care and medical treatment is required, Telephonic Triage AfterCare provides a dedicated nurse who facilitates communication between all parties (i.e. the injured worker, physician, medical providers, employer, and claims adjuster). This service bridges the gap between Triage and Case Management.

D&D Case Management provides comprehensive medical case management by experienced field case managers to produce excellent outcomes.

How It Works
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24/7 Occupational Triage


D&D 24/7 Occupational Triage service provides immediate early intervention for on-the-job injuries and separates serious injuries from those that need not become claims at all, resulting in fewer recordable incidents for the employer and unnecessary visits to the ER. Our self-care rate is well above the national average.


- Immediate access for injured workers and supervisors to a Registered Nurse.
- Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
- Utilizes nationally standardized protocols to triage workers to the appropriate level of care.

Utilizes protected proprietary triage software to enhance efficiency and care coordination.
- Reduces unnecessary ER visits.
- Reduces delay in treatment = less lost time = cost savings = successful outcomes.

Telephonic Triage AfterCare


D&D Triage AfterCare provides telephonic management for injured employees, who are not self-care and require medical treatment following triage.  A Registered Nurse coordinates treatment telephonically following triage call to facilitate communication between all involved parties during the first few days following the work incident. The Nurse obtains and clarifies the diagnosis, then coordinates the medical treatment plan and return to work. 


- Resource for the injured employee.
- Effective communication between all parties such as Claims Adjuster, Employer, Physician, ancillary medical providers, etc.
- Coordination of treatment plan, 
diagnostics, and return to work.
- Bridges the gap to ensure timely case progression and prevent treatment delays.
- Satisfied employees = early return to work = improved outcomes

Case Management


D&D Case Management is the ultimate service offering in the continuum of care to coordinate treatment plan when injury is more serious requiring surgery and/or specialty medical treatment. Case Management coordination can be utilized independently or combined with Triage and TriageAfterCare to provide ongoing management of injury.  A Certified Case Manager attends medical appointments to consult with the treating physician to obtain and coordinate the recommended treatment plan. Whether utilized singularly or as part of our full continuum of care services, Case Management offers the necessary coordination (MMI) to ensure maximal outcomes, return to work, cost savings, and successful case closure.  Utilizes proprietary case management software to enhance return to work, efficiency, case tracking, and quality outcomes.

Better Together


Occupational Triage


Case Management

Completing the Continuum of Care Puzzle

The 3 pieces of D&D’s Continuum of Care are designed to work together to bridge all of the common gaps in injury management to help keep the employee feeling confident and well cared for and the adjuster and employer informed and involved every step of the way.

Each part automatically (as directed by the client’s provisions) hands off seamlessly to the next. This continuity helps prevent the costly and frustrating delays between initial treatment, follow-up testing and treatment, and management of more involved or ongoing treatment when needed. The injured worker is not lost in the shuffle.

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