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As a student, you will gain in-depth knowledge of kinesiology and anatomy/physiology of the human body. Our training will expose you to a variety of massage modalities. You will learn massage techniques (Swedish, Event Sports, Deep Tissue, Chair, Geriatrics, Pre & Peri-Natal) and manipulation designed to enhance the physical health of patients.
You will be taught Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), which is the precise & thorough examination of all soft tissue that may be responsible for Myofascial pain & dysfunction, in a step-by-step process. This therapy has only been in the United States since the 1980s and the UNA MT Certificate program is the only nationally certified assigned school in the State of Alabama that offers a dual certificate.
You will gain advanced knowledge of all body systems with a particular emphasis on the skeletal and muscular systems. This knowledge will enable you to assess the needs of the patient, develop individualized care plans, and conduct therapeutic massage. ​
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